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Lies of our days... (Part I)

9-11-2001 led to near 3,000 innocent deaths. Was that poor anticipation, reaction, or a planned exercise? The final jury has still not ruled on this issue though many in the public ask questions As well as over 70% of the victims families had questions post The 9-11 Commission report.

9-11 Chronicles: Truth Rising-

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... An outline in simple talking points ...

Family Steering Committee Statement and Questions Regarding the 9-11 Commission Interview With President Bush (VP Dick Cheney, Nat Sec Advr Condoleezza Rice, Dir of CIA George Tenet, FBI Dir Robert Mueller, Acting FBI Dir Tom Pickard. Former FBI Dir Louis Freeh, Dir Counter -Terrorism Sec Group Richard Clark)

YouTube - The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - Part 1/25 **
The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - Part 1/25 ... Briefing entitled "The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - A ... 911 Commission Report Objective Review (Part 1 ...


Public Hearing

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Since 9-11 the US has invaded two sovereign countries (Iraq and Afghanistan) and since January of 2009 we have led official drone aircraft attacks on Pakistan. These attacks have been targeted at alleged Taliban and terrorist individuals. This effort to control terror elements, operations, and plots has been consistent since the President Barak Obama administration began. It has not stopped innocent citizens from being struck down as we target these accused individuals. It is my understanding that the US armed forces have the top technical capabilities to connect in precise means with targets. Though strike timing is often a measured en devour, to me as an observer the targeted drone operated killings have involved many innocents.

Pakistan PM calls US drone attacks 'counterproductive'

Pak bases not being used, says Mukhtar

Drone attacks in Pakistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Timeline|American...|Pakistani...|Human rights... ... on May 19, 2009 that the US intended to continue the Drone attacks.[65] ... Share intelligence, stop drone attacks: Zardari to US, NDTV February 02, 2009 wiki/ Drone_attacks_on_Pakistan_by_the_United_States_of_America

Saturday, February 14, 2009

US drones fly from base in Pakistan?

* Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein expresses surprise at Pak opposition to Predator-launched strikes
* Ex-intelligence officials confirm senator’s account as accurate

Daily Times Monitor\02\14\story_14-2-2009_pg1_1

Democracy Now! | Headlines for February 16, 2009
Wednesday, June 10, 2009 ... US Drone Attacks Kill 61 in Pakistan ... Sen. Feinstein: US Using Pakistani Base for Drone Attacks

Pakistan: US Drone Attacks Weaken Government's Hold
Pakistan: US Drone Attacks Weaken Government's Hold - The Huffington Post ... The drone strikes have been even less accurate in their targeting in 2009 than ... 2009/ 04/ 15/ pakistan-us-drone-attacks_n_187305.html

Al Jazeera English - CENTRAL/S. ASIA - 'US drone' attack hits Pakistan
Monday, April 20, 2009. 12:40 Mecca time, 09:40 GMT. Watch Now. FRONT PAGE ... The US does not confirm the drone attacks, but its forces in neighbouring ...

US Drone Attacks in Pakistan Backfiring? (SWJ Blog)
US Drone Attacks in Pakistan 'Backfiring,' Congress Told - Doyle McManus, Los ... Posted by Bill Moore | May 4, 2009 12:04 AM. MikeF : ...

US drone attacks cloaked in secrecy | PK On Web
US drone attacks cloaked in secrecy. Posted on 16 June 2009 ... US drone attacks cloaked in secrecy. Pakistani-American Soldier Compelled to Serve in U.S. Army ...

Tribesmen protest US drone attacks **
Tribesmen protest US drone attacks. Fri, 19 Jun 2009 22:33:36 GMT. Font size : ... South Waziristan Agency are protesting US drone attacks on their areas.

Now, as for promises and actions of President Obama... This video is only two months into his presidency. He has spent by releasing taxpayer funds more than all presidents combined in his first 100 days. Bank bailout could reach 23.7 Trillion more than 2 times the gross domestic product in about 9 1/2 months since the Henri Paulson 2009/ 07/ 20/ bailout-may-cost-237-tril_n_241512.html

www। politics/ elections/ 2008/ 12/ 06/ obama-banks-large-scale-public-works-project/

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

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My reawakening occured via this set of videos. Mihael Moore's Fereinheit 911 was the first awareness. He is a very sincere particin supporter and I believe he is not showing how deep the collective rabbit hole goes (meaning the depth is beyond any partician or ideological affiliation).

Trailer Micheal Moore's Fereitheit 911

Fahrenheit 2007 (from Causalities of War, Phil Donohue)

I woke up last summer July 2008. This does not effect my work, family interaction, or life. It is important because awareness is key to remembering the past, acting in the present, and planning for the future. Please do your own research. No one can force educate an independent mind.

911 Coincidences

(there are 18 parts, be prepared)

Michael Ruppert The Truth & Lies of 911