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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel Getting Answers To H1N1 Questions
Video Library -
Watch the latest videos from WCCO-TV and WCCO.COM including breaking news, top stories, weather reports and water cooler video.
2 hours ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
Collection of videos/information about the flu(s).
about an hour ago · Delete
Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
A few observations. In the first linked video you may note three submissions of virus then quickly replaced by vaccine. I know I am the one with questions on many topics. Let me just say I have plenty of questions about this flu. The information sant to the public is quite notable as well. From following Russell Blaylock, Dr. A True Ott, Dr. Bill Deagle and Gary Null's extensive research on vaccines there are many questions to what has been accepted by the medical community. Sherry Tenpenny and Barbara Loe Fisher are notable awareness advocates. Apparently no study has shown benefits in disease protection. I know this is almost unbelievable. Not so says reporter Janine Roberts in the following interview.

The Gary Null Show - 09/08/09
... Read More
Richard Gale and Gary Null, PhD.
September 28, 2009

Dr. Bill Deagle's Flu Online Blog

Dr. A. True Ott's False Flu Flu website:
42 minutes ago · Delete
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
Senate committee approves health overhaul bill | Republic Broadcasting Network
(AP) With support from a lone Republican, a key Senate committee Tuesday approved a middle-of-the-road health care plan that moves President Barack Obama's
2 hours ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
Weapons failed US troops during Afghan firefight | Republic Broadcasting Network
(AP) In the chaos of an early morning assault on a remote U.S. outpost in eastern Afghanistan, Staff Sgt. Erich Phillips' M4 carbine quit firing as militant
2 hours ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
2012 isn’t the end of the world, Mayans insist | Republic Broadcasting Network
(AP) Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the Mayan calendar supposedly running out on Dec. 21, 2012. After
2 hours ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
2 hours ago · Delete
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
Mussolini paid well as British agent in WWI - Yahoo! News
A historian says Benito Mussolini was well paid as a British agent during World War I.
9 hours ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
" Barack Obama Today, the Senate Finance Committee took the historic step of voting health reform legislation out of committee, despite attacks from the insurance lobby. Congress needs to know that their constituents are counting on them to say,... "no" to t...he lobbyists and "yes" to reform. Can you send them a message now?Read More
Send a message urging Congress to stand with voters, not D.C. lobbyists, and pass real reform.
Soon, every senator and representative must decide where they stand. Lobbyists will be trying every trick in the book to derail the President's plan. Members of Congress need to hear from you. Please send them a message today.
20 hours ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
Use your own judgement. I am alerting my congressmembers to vote no on this plan. Without single payer where all services are covered by controlled non-profit without any for profit insurance and pharmacuitical industry. Manipulation forced to a collective insurance law will be a failure for all Americans. As the bill exists the costs will fall on everyone and doctors will be penalized for not participating as will each citizen when they have to pay more in premiums to not participate. Should this pass, any financial savings will be offset by the danger of the standards that doctors must comply or risk their own practices and many patients lives. We need more doctors that will have freedom to practice good medicine. The Health Care industry will explode with the aging population. This bill will endanger many. Please research via websearch or other reliable means the key provisions in this bill in the House and Senate bills. Reading a summary will give a good overview of potential problems and others might argue highlights. Think for yourself.

We have to wake up before we look back on this time period with a vast reduction in our population. Hitler reformed the health care industry in Germany too. All health records were collected much like what is wished from many in our own government today including all counseling and all clinical records were seized. This is not a left or right issue.

"Remember this that the origin of the word government is govere = control and the word mente = mind". according to Officer Jack McLamb on the Republic Broadcasting Network or on Genesis Communication at Read More
gov⋅ern⋅ment/ˈgʌvərnmənt, ‑ərmənt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [guhv-ern-muhnt, ‑er-muhnt] Show IPA
Use government in a Sentence
See web results for government
See images of government
1350–1400; ME < OF governement. See govern, -ment

My views are not within the usual spectrum of everyday thought from my observations and conversations. It's okay. Using original documents, respected opinions, writings of leaders, and reason can bring forth cogent ideas. Research the Council on Foreign Relations and use of mass media and manipulation. It's not just an alert it is chance to make yourself aware.
19 hours ago · Delete
Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
Linking of records:
Microchip Implant to Link Your Health Records, Credit History, So
19 hours ago · Delete
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
Play Video
G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17
Download is starting. Save file to your computer. If the download does not start automatically, right-click this link and choose "Save As". How to get videos onto the iPod or PSP.
20 hours ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel War Criminals Are Becoming The Arbiters Of Law
Paul Craig Roberts
October 13, 2009
Paul Craig Roberts | The Israel Lobby has succeeded in repealing the First Amendment by having the Hate Crime Bill attached to the recently passed military appropriations bill.
Yesterday at 7:13pm · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
OBAMA MOONWALKING - celebrity tv mtv gossip girl celeb sexy sex update makeup eyes lipstick dress hair dye paris hilton heidi montag spencer pratt michael ...
Yesterday at 6:46pm · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
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Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel Iron Mountain: Striking Report and Origin of Global Warming?
Iron Mountain Report: A Hoax or Betrayal?
In 1961, the Kennedy administration ordered a "Top Secret" study to determine what problems the United States would face if the world moved from an era of war to a golden age of peace. In other words, how to bring America into the New World Order. ...
Yesterday at 1:46pm · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel
Yesterday at 1:46pm · Delete
Jeff Dubel
Jeff Dubel

The war system makes the stable government of societies possible. It does this essentially by providing an external necessity for a society to accept political rule. In so doing, it establishes the basis for nationhood and the authority of government to control its constituents. What other institution or combination of programs might serve these functions in its place?
... Read More
We have already pointed out that the end of the war means the end of national sovereignty, and thus the end of nationhood as we know it today. But this does not necessarily mean the end of nations in the administrative sense, and internal political power will remain essential to a stable society. The emerging "nations" of the peace epoch must continue to draw political authority from some source.

A number of proposals have been made governing the relations between nations after total disarmament; all are basically juridical in nature. They contemplate institutions more or less like a World Court, or a United Nations, but vested with real authority. They may or may not serve their ostansible post-military purpose of settling internatinal disputes, but we need not discuss that here. None would offer effective external pressure on a peace-world nation to organize itself politically.

It might be argued that a well-armed international police force, operating under the authority of such a supranational "court," could well serve the function of external enemy. This, however, would constitute a military operation, like the inspection schemes mentioned, and, like them, would be inconsistent with the premise of an end to the war system. It is possible that a variant of the "Unarmed Forces" idea might be developed in such a way that its "constructive" (i.e., social welfare) activities could be combined with an economic "threat" of sufficient size and credibility to warrant political organization. Would this kind of threat also be contradictory to our basic premise?--that is, would it be inevitably military? Not necessarily, in our view, but we are skeptical of its capacity to evoke credibility. Also, the obvious destabilizing effect of any global social welfare surrogate on politically necessary class relationships would create an entirely new set of transition problems at least equal in magnitude.

Credibility, in fact, lies at the heart of the problem of developing a political substitute for war. This is where the space-race proposals, in many ways so well suited as economic substitutes for war, fall short. The most ambitious and unrealistic space project cannot of itself generate a believable external menace. It has been hotly argued that such a menace would offer the "last, best hope of peace," etc., by uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by "creatures" from other planets or from outer space. Experiments have been proposed to test the credibility of an out-of-our-world invasion threat; it is possible that a few of the more difficult-to-explain "flying saucer" indicents of recent years were in fact early experiments of this kind. If so, they could hardly have been judged encouraging. We anticipate no difficulties in making a "need" for a giant super space program credible for economic purposes, even were there not ample precedent; extending it, for political purposes, to include features unfortunately associated with science fiction would obviously be a more dubious undertaking.

Nevertheless, an effective political substitute for war would require "alternate enemies," some of which might seem equally farfetched in the context of the current war system. It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species. Poisoning of the air, and of the principal sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced, and at first glance would seem promising in this respect; it constitutes a threat that can be dealt with only through social organization and political power. But from present indications it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution.

It is true that the rate of pollution could be increased selectively for this purpose; in fact, the mere modifying of existing programs for the deterrence of pollution could speed up the process enough to make the threat credible much sooner. But the pollution problem has been so widely publicized in recent years that it seems highly improbably that a program of deliberate environ- mental poisoning could be implemented in a politically acceptable manner.
Yesterday at 2:01pm · Delete
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Left or Right Approach (Update 10-6-09)

As long as any point of dialogue or stance is made into a left and right issue the answer is always wrong. The only issues of a given data point are whether not it promotes liberty or tyranny? That is what the U.S. or America's founders wanted. Don't fall into the trap. Rise above it. Then, we can arrest the bankers and prosecute politicians that are tied to past or ongoing war crimes. Stand up before the economy falls flat on all of us.

Joy Behar Show: Janeane Garofalo On Racism Against Obama

Skull and Bones in 2004 John Kerry and George W. Bush

It's All In The Family

Alex Jones on How The Elite Control Politics

Martial Law Rise of the Police State

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (This Part details the John Kerry and George W. Bush are cousins and they were in Skull & Bones, with only 15 members at Yale each year)

More details on the active process of the political parties that dominate the USA.

The Obama Deception (March 2009)

Aaron Russo's perspective in "Reflections and Warnings"

Historical perspective

Rodderick T. Long (Auburn University) on Murray N. Rothbard's "Left and Right" 40 Years Later at the 2006 Austrian Scholars Conference (poor video quality, however the content is of high quality)

Left or Right? First think for yourself. Demand action from your representatives. They are guaranteed 80% pension after serving one term in the House of Representatives. A senator needs upwards of 20,000 each day to run for office. Are they really of the people? Yet we can alert the masses and remove officials when they are not following out their promises. Ask Donna Edwards who replaced Albert Wynn on her strong liberal and anti-war platform. She is a true leader MD can be proud. Senator Ben Cardin has pledged his support in Auditing the Fed Bill that has entered the Senate Bill 604 with 30 Co-sponsors. Following Ron Paul's lead we need to reform the money system and without economic calamity. Dr. Paul now has 297 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives Bill 1207. The Elite or Powerful World Economic & Political Leaders will hedge bets and protect their money whatever the currency in the United States. However when the dollar catches up with it's inflation for the rate money is continually being printed we will have to deal with large and high amounts of inflation. From End The Fed almost no inflation existed in the US till 1913. Now, a dollar is worth $ .04. That is a result of the lack backing for the amount of printed money.

Inflation calculator

1915 vs. April 23, 2007

The 3 cent dollar!
Why $2,000/oz. gold is logical
By David Bradshaw, Editor RMP
Apr 23, 2007


See Ron Paul on C-Span on his new book End The Fed.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Economic Alert!: Climate Not Boding Well for the USA

Sunday, September 20, 2009
In CoLLapse Times, Life and Art Fuse
From Jenna Orkin:
CoLLapse (Movie) Reviews

CoLLapse (Reality) Previews
Europe Overtakes North America As Richest Region In the World
Gordon Brown Urges EU to Back New Economic Order
Warning: Deflationary Collapse Dead Ahead
Pension Plan Shocker Dead Ahead (from Rice Farmer)
China’s coming magnificent bubble
Bank of America's Harris Says Job Market Remains in `Severe Bleeding Mode'
We are near failure in Afghanistan
US abandons missile shield to Russia's delight
Venezuela Is Accelerating Dollar Sales, Chavez Says (from Rice Farmer)
Rift at Fed
Dairy Farmers Want Industry Probe
Info on toxicity of commonly used items.
Know Your Farmer; Know Your Food Initiative
Body bags disrupt Canada's flu-readiness message (from Rice Farmer)

Far left party wins German votes
In Norway, the Left Can 'Bribe' Voters with Oil Money
Funeral Industry Sees Profits Fall 35% (Russia)
Does this mean people aren't dying as often as they used to?

Pig-Farmer Investors in China Stockpile 50,000 Tons of Copper, Sucden Says
Saudi Arabia's `Never Go Bust' Families Mean an End to Easy Credit in Gulf
Temasek (Singapore) Profit Falls Record 66% as Bank Values Drop (from Rice Farmer)
Cancer villages in the wake of China's boom
Rumor: China May Ban Gold, Silver Expo

September 30th update
Fallout Begins? Alabama Firm Cites CIT for Bankruptcy
Published: Saturday, 18 Jul 2009 | 5:13 PM ET

By: Reuters

An Alabama hardware supplier has blamed financial woes at U.S. lender CIT Group for its bankruptcy filing, in an early sign of the effect a potential CIT bankruptcy could have on millions of small U.S. businesses.

* Slideshow: The Largest Bank Failures of 2009

In court documents filed in U.S. bankruptcy court in Birmingham on Friday, Moore-Handley said it was forced to seek bankruptcy protection "due to difficulties accessing funds" under their financing arrangements with CIT [CIT 1.21 -0.99 (-45%) ]. (Click Here for After-Hours CIT Quotes.)

CIT Group inc.
Photo by: Americasroof

The company said it had been negotiating its own strategic plan with CIT but that "the federal government's recent decision not to support CIT's reorganization has thrown CIT into disarray and casts substantial doubt on CIT's ability to continue to fund (Moore-Handley's) working capital requirements."

The company, which says it is the second largest independent hardware and building materials distributor in the United States, said in court papers that it owes about $17.5 million to CIT.

CIT, which services nearly one million small- and mid-sized businesses, has been in talks with a group of bondholders to seek $2 billion to $3 billion in rescue financing as it tries to avoid its own bankruptcy filing, a source close to the company said on Friday.

The impact of CIT's demise would likely pale by comparison with the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers last September, analysts have said. But the ripples of the lender's collapse could be widespread, hurting already struggling small businesses such as arts organizations and retailers.


Current DateTime: 05:05:36 03 Aug 2009
LinksList Documentid: 31983717

* CIT Could Hit Retailers
* Financing in Bankruptcy Possible
* Poll: Is CIT Too Small to Bail?

Moore-Handley, which was founded in 1882 according to its Web site, said it had net sales of $145.5 million in 2008, and expected a 20 percent decline in that figure for 2009 as residential construction activity in the Southeast declined.

The case is In re: Moore-Handley Inc, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Alabama, No. 09-04198.
Copyright 2009 Reuters. Click for restrictions.
Topics:Credit | FDIC | Bankruptcy | Federal Reserve | Federal Budget (U.S.)
Companies:CIT Group Inc
Add This share icon

CIT eyes debt exchange or prepack bankruptcy: sources (Reuters)
Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 | Finance News

NEW YORK (Reuters) –
CIT Group Inc (CIT.N) is planning to offer its unsecured debt holders two options: either exchange their debt voluntarily, or face a prepackaged bankruptcy, sources close to the situation said on Wednesday.

The commercial lender is struggling to reduce debt and raise equity to stay in business. But repairing its balance sheet is just one step toward returning to health -- it must still figure out how to fund future business, analysts said.

"At the end of the day, the business is not sustainable as it is," said Faris Saah, research analyst at Aladdin Capital in Stamford, Connecticut.

The exchange offer is likely to essentially turn the company over to bondholders, sources said Tuesday. Debt investors would get some combination of new debt secured by assets and shares in the company, and the company's overall debt levels would shrink. Little would likely be left for current shareholders, and CIT's shares fell 45 percent on Wednesday. Bonds also fell.

Engineering the exchange could be difficult. A debt exchange typically requires participation from owners of about 90 percent of the securities eligible to be swapped. For CIT, eligible securities would be roughly $32 billion of unsecured debt.

CIT plans to encourage bondholders to swap their notes by threatening a prepackaged bankruptcy, which could require holders of only about two-thirds of the company's total debt to sign on, sources familiar with the situation said.

CIT believes that a prepackaged bankruptcy could take one or two months, the sources said, asking not to be identified because the plan is not yet public. Some bondholders could do better in bankruptcy than a debt exchange.

Finance companies that file for the protection of bankruptcy courts are usually signing their own death certificate, but CIT believes it is an unusual case. The company has been around for more than a century, and many customers have signaled their loyalty to the lender, sources said.

And with credit generally tight for the small and mid-sized businesses that CIT caters to, there are few options for many of CIT's borrowers.

But a bankruptcy could still have some cost, noted Dan Fuss, vice chairman of Loomis Sayles, which oversees more than $140 billion of assets and owns some CIT debt. The company could lose future tax advantages from recent net losses if it files for bankruptcy, he said, which could hit its balance sheet.

"My preference for them would be the debt exchange because then they won't go through the disruption of a bankruptcy," Fuss told Reuters.

If the company files for bankruptcy, it may not be able to emerge as a going concern and might instead have to wind down its business, Aladdin Capital's Saah said.

CIT's longer term plan is to essentially turn itself into a bank. The company is one of scores of lenders and underwriters that relied on bond markets to fund its operations, only to suffer as the credit crunch has raged for two years.

Becoming a bank may not be easy, analysts said. CIT has a small bank subsidiary with about $5 billion of deposits, compared with CIT's overall assets of about $71 billion. Regulators have barred CIT Bank from accepting new deposits.

Although CIT received $2.3 billion in December under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), federal regulators this year declined further requests by CIT for funds.

In July, CIT bought some time to restructure with the help of an emergency loan from a group of bondholders.

CIT's board has yet to sign off on the restructuring plan, but the board is briefed frequently and knows what the management has been working on, the sources said.

Bond giant PIMCO, Centerbridge Partners LP, Oaktree Capital Management, Baupost Group, Capital Research & Management Co and Silver Point Capital were part of a group that provided a $3 billion loan to the lender this summer.

Under the terms of the $3 billion July loan, CIT must come up with a restructuring plan agreeable to lenders by October 1. That plan will likely include debt exchange offers, the company said in a regulatory filing in August.

If the company goes through a prepackaged bankruptcy, it would need a debtor-in-possession loan to finance it during the process. Banks including Bank of America, Barclays, and Citigroup have talked to CIT about providing financing, but it was not clear which bank was lined up for DIP financing.

CIT's notes maturing next year with a 4.75 percent coupon fell about 2 cents on the dollar to 69.375 cents, according to MarketAxess data.

Debt protection costs for CIT rose on concerns about the company's restructuring. CIT's five-year credit default swaps rose to an upfront payment of 36.2 percent the sum insured plus 500 basis points a year from 34 percent, according to CMA DataVision. That means it would cost $3.62 million to insure $10 million of debt plus $500,000 a year.

CIT shares fell 99 cents to close at $1.21.

(Reporting by Dan Wilchins and Paritosh Bansal; additional reporting by Jennifer Ablan and Walden Siew; editing by John Wallace, Matthew Lewis and Andre Grenon)

Related News

* CIT near plan to turn over company to bondholders: sources (Reuters)
* CIT creditor advisers seek bankruptcy option: source (Reuters)
* CIT courts creditors, plans large debt exchange (Reuters)
* CIT posts loss, completes debt exchange (Reuters)
* CIT extends CEO Peek’s contract for one year (Reuters)

The End of Surburbia (June 29, 2006)

Many energy ralated aspects are coming into our new reality. Energy Companies will manipulate any limitations in oil (perceived or otherwise). The more preparation people make now the batter our ability to survive both on an individual and collective basis. If people like Alex Jones (on the President Obama Top 25 Enemies List in his movie ">Endgame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement
, Dr. Stan Monteith

, Dr. Bill Deagle
, and Alan Watt eugenics is pervasive and will continue.

Naomi Wolf has a pessimistic view of the society many US citizens have known. She does not emphasize to the same degree of planning the overt detrimental and harmful conditions that will be imposed on people. However as you will see, her perspective is far from glowing.

Talk by Naomi Wolf "The End of America"

Where should the USA go from here? A current blog article
The Virtues of a Disorganized Resistance offers some carefully considered answers. In this article both organized and disorganized resistance are put into focus. Author Denis Jones sites failures of movements by Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, etc. and states they all often have extreme negative results. Jones believes disorganized opposition can yield far greater returns not just allowing for the message to be transmitted.


How is disorganized resistance superior?

In some societies, dissidents become heroes. In American society dissidents are systematically slandered, libeled, harassed, and villainized. If they become successful, they are murdered (e.g. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X). In the American experience, movements that look to leaders are decapitated. Leaders are a liability, not an asset.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Move to Depopulate the Planet

The Move to Depopulate the Planet

Shared via AddThis

Endgame Blueprint For Global Enslavement (Global Warming Section)

Mercury and Fluoride - The Dumbing Down Of A Population

Fluoride, Aspartame and Agenda 21 *see description*

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Oklahoma City or Worse?

In the mid 1990s the Clinton administration focused on militia groups. They were noted as potential dangers. This was a primary focus of the Prsident Clinton's efforts to enforce laws. You can argue the effort effectively intimediated citizens. April 19, 1995 the Oklahoma City federal Murrah building was bombed. Wikipedia recalls the events one way as the official story, similiarly the day's events are recalled from the government in The Newshour's Oklahoma City (a 10 year aniversity) PBS tribute webpage.

Interesting breakdowns of the day and events surrounding the day conflict with the "official story". Here first is the Oklahoma National Memorial & Museum recap of the mission & historial events surrounding this day.

Oklahoma City National Memorial website is to honor those 168 individuals killed (and over 680 injured) and those that were otherwise were directly or indirectly affected by the bombing. This is a important distinction to make. I question the official story. These government workers in or associated with the Murrah building should be and I believe will continue to be held as victims and honorable persons. These people are honored just from what was as reported by many media news services on the day and as recalled in the media looking back. These victims fate was determined by individuals beyond Tim McVeigh who was convicted and Terry Nichols received 161 consectutive life sentences occurring to the official story. Nichols in the Webulite blog further contends that the FBI director, Larry Potts directed McVeigh to set off the bomb in another location. The militia involvement consisted of McVeigh who was directly tied to the government training of militia groups.

According to Prison Planet internal documents indicate OKC was an inside job. has additional information and does a good job of linking all important persons and components of the day. Most importantly, I like that all victims were honored on this website. But, I have severe distrust in the government when so many inconsistancies exist when these victims are later honored by some of the same top officials who may have are bear minimum not taken or enabled this event to occur.

Michael Graverro also has a different outlook on these day's events from the offical story in his website for April 19th, 1995 data concerning the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Murder In The Heartland (1995) part1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Part8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif. is calling for a new investigation in this article from World Net Daily, March 31, 2006.

What will happen in the future? Can we trust the government should an event occur? Especially if it is alleged to be connected to a milita group. Remember according to the pdf document of the Department of Homeland Security, according an article on World Net Daily on April 12, 2009 details that disgruntled veterans along with "right wing" extremists as the tops threats. This are Americans who might have militia connections should an event be propelled these individuals will be seen as the most dangerous people in the country. So much for the smooth welcome home!. Veterans despite the way our government has consistently treated them are heroes. Our governmental leadership toward US troops commits treason on a regular basis.

Check out these films that document the mistreatment of the military and the American public:

Beyond Treason

Gary Null Gulf War Syndrome: A Deadly Legacy-Chp 1 (1of3)
Chp 1 (2of 3) Chp1 ( 3 of 3)
Chp 2 (1 of 3) Chp 2 (2 of 3) Chp 2 (3 of 3)

Fatal Fallout (Trailer)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Will the next major event thrust upon our world be like the event in Oklahoma in 1995 or even worse like 2001? 911 Mysteries

Plans are in effect and the World Health Organization has declared a Level 6 emergency which can enforce martial law in response to the swine/h1n1/mystery possible maufactured flu. Check out this (#1) that #2) that (#3) and that (#4) interview with Wayne Madsen on the Alex Jones Info Wars show about the possible aspects and origins of this new flu.

Pentagon on 4-06-09 is requesting from The Nation an additional 400,000 troops overseas to enter into the Afganistan/Pakistan War to "execute the Petraus playbook". The horrible thing about this is the Pentagon is at the same time wanting to post 400,000 troops domestically in The Progressive on 8-12-09. This is not feasible. Troops will not be hired Americans. Not to delve into the fact this against the 1887 Posse Commatatus law, where no soldier will be engaged domestically in peacetime. I am flat out mad, I would say I am worried be I am so angry with these events. We have to know what the collectively consciousness of the government has shown itself to be. Now is the time. The economy is weak and the numbers are falling.

With the projected recession/depression projected to see another over 4 million homes foreclosed this year (2.7 million was reported for 2008 8-17-09), according to Robert Chapman of The International Forecaster is going to be not just bad, but, deadly I fear. We can end it all if we just protest. Where is the Vietnam rallying cry (especially as we just celebrated the 40th anniversary of Woodstock)? Are we so dumb-bed down as a populace that we can't even stand up now and stop the bankers and corrupt governmental leaders empowering while we have a chance to let the criminal actions continue to take place in Washington?! They have already taken more than 23.7 trillion from taxpayers since October, 2008
(ABC news, Ny Times , Huffington Post) Lew Rockwell claims there are "23.7 Trillion Reasons To Buy Gold".

The Dubious Monetization of the Fed by Robert Chapman (August 15, 2009).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lies of Our Days (Part III)

Pearl Harbor

Considering this is the predecessor for the reaction, response, and sacrifice of "The Greatest Generation" in the United States of America this real data is crucial. The real data counteracts lies that have been propetuated since Decemember 7, 1941. Please do your own research. Don't rest on known information that is established as the way history transpired. Who establishes what occured? Though the truth can be painful, please allow me to share alternate opinions about the lead up to, the event itself, and the following results of this attack.

As a citizen of the U.S.A. and someone who believes in the efforts made by our forefathers at the start of this country finding out this information soured my high regard for the government. Because of this decit by the public reaction we were compelled to enter the WWII conflict. The proud images of FDR fighting the figures of Hirohitu, Hitler, and Stalin have all put into a different perspective. Especially as I began to learn more about leadership of this time.

Mark Emerson Willey

Pearl Harbor, Mother of All Conspiracies

"...everything that that Japanese were planning was known in the United States..." Army Board, 1944

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lies of our days... (Part I)

9-11-2001 led to near 3,000 innocent deaths. Was that poor anticipation, reaction, or a planned exercise? The final jury has still not ruled on this issue though many in the public ask questions As well as over 70% of the victims families had questions post The 9-11 Commission report.

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Family Steering Committee Statement and Questions Regarding the 9-11 Commission Interview With President Bush (VP Dick Cheney, Nat Sec Advr Condoleezza Rice, Dir of CIA George Tenet, FBI Dir Robert Mueller, Acting FBI Dir Tom Pickard. Former FBI Dir Louis Freeh, Dir Counter -Terrorism Sec Group Richard Clark)

YouTube - The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - Part 1/25 **
The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - Part 1/25 ... Briefing entitled "The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - A ... 911 Commission Report Objective Review (Part 1 ...


Public Hearing

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Since 9-11 the US has invaded two sovereign countries (Iraq and Afghanistan) and since January of 2009 we have led official drone aircraft attacks on Pakistan. These attacks have been targeted at alleged Taliban and terrorist individuals. This effort to control terror elements, operations, and plots has been consistent since the President Barak Obama administration began. It has not stopped innocent citizens from being struck down as we target these accused individuals. It is my understanding that the US armed forces have the top technical capabilities to connect in precise means with targets. Though strike timing is often a measured en devour, to me as an observer the targeted drone operated killings have involved many innocents.

Pakistan PM calls US drone attacks 'counterproductive'

Pak bases not being used, says Mukhtar

Drone attacks in Pakistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Timeline|American...|Pakistani...|Human rights... ... on May 19, 2009 that the US intended to continue the Drone attacks.[65] ... Share intelligence, stop drone attacks: Zardari to US, NDTV February 02, 2009 wiki/ Drone_attacks_on_Pakistan_by_the_United_States_of_America

Saturday, February 14, 2009

US drones fly from base in Pakistan?

* Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein expresses surprise at Pak opposition to Predator-launched strikes
* Ex-intelligence officials confirm senator’s account as accurate

Daily Times Monitor\02\14\story_14-2-2009_pg1_1

Democracy Now! | Headlines for February 16, 2009
Wednesday, June 10, 2009 ... US Drone Attacks Kill 61 in Pakistan ... Sen. Feinstein: US Using Pakistani Base for Drone Attacks

Pakistan: US Drone Attacks Weaken Government's Hold
Pakistan: US Drone Attacks Weaken Government's Hold - The Huffington Post ... The drone strikes have been even less accurate in their targeting in 2009 than ... 2009/ 04/ 15/ pakistan-us-drone-attacks_n_187305.html

Al Jazeera English - CENTRAL/S. ASIA - 'US drone' attack hits Pakistan
Monday, April 20, 2009. 12:40 Mecca time, 09:40 GMT. Watch Now. FRONT PAGE ... The US does not confirm the drone attacks, but its forces in neighbouring ...

US Drone Attacks in Pakistan Backfiring? (SWJ Blog)
US Drone Attacks in Pakistan 'Backfiring,' Congress Told - Doyle McManus, Los ... Posted by Bill Moore | May 4, 2009 12:04 AM. MikeF : ...

US drone attacks cloaked in secrecy | PK On Web
US drone attacks cloaked in secrecy. Posted on 16 June 2009 ... US drone attacks cloaked in secrecy. Pakistani-American Soldier Compelled to Serve in U.S. Army ...

Tribesmen protest US drone attacks **
Tribesmen protest US drone attacks. Fri, 19 Jun 2009 22:33:36 GMT. Font size : ... South Waziristan Agency are protesting US drone attacks on their areas.

Now, as for promises and actions of President Obama... This video is only two months into his presidency. He has spent by releasing taxpayer funds more than all presidents combined in his first 100 days. Bank bailout could reach 23.7 Trillion more than 2 times the gross domestic product in about 9 1/2 months since the Henri Paulson 2009/ 07/ 20/ bailout-may-cost-237-tril_n_241512.html

www। politics/ elections/ 2008/ 12/ 06/ obama-banks-large-scale-public-works-project/

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

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My reawakening occured via this set of videos. Mihael Moore's Fereinheit 911 was the first awareness. He is a very sincere particin supporter and I believe he is not showing how deep the collective rabbit hole goes (meaning the depth is beyond any partician or ideological affiliation).

Trailer Micheal Moore's Fereitheit 911

Fahrenheit 2007 (from Causalities of War, Phil Donohue)

I woke up last summer July 2008. This does not effect my work, family interaction, or life. It is important because awareness is key to remembering the past, acting in the present, and planning for the future. Please do your own research. No one can force educate an independent mind.

911 Coincidences

(there are 18 parts, be prepared)

Michael Ruppert The Truth & Lies of 911