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Another Oklahoma City or Worse?

In the mid 1990s the Clinton administration focused on militia groups. They were noted as potential dangers. This was a primary focus of the Prsident Clinton's efforts to enforce laws. You can argue the effort effectively intimediated citizens. April 19, 1995 the Oklahoma City federal Murrah building was bombed. Wikipedia recalls the events one way as the official story, similiarly the day's events are recalled from the government in The Newshour's Oklahoma City (a 10 year aniversity) PBS tribute webpage.

Interesting breakdowns of the day and events surrounding the day conflict with the "official story". Here first is the Oklahoma National Memorial & Museum recap of the mission & historial events surrounding this day.

Oklahoma City National Memorial website is to honor those 168 individuals killed (and over 680 injured) and those that were otherwise were directly or indirectly affected by the bombing. This is a important distinction to make. I question the official story. These government workers in or associated with the Murrah building should be and I believe will continue to be held as victims and honorable persons. These people are honored just from what was as reported by many media news services on the day and as recalled in the media looking back. These victims fate was determined by individuals beyond Tim McVeigh who was convicted and Terry Nichols received 161 consectutive life sentences occurring to the official story. Nichols in the Webulite blog further contends that the FBI director, Larry Potts directed McVeigh to set off the bomb in another location. The militia involvement consisted of McVeigh who was directly tied to the government training of militia groups.

According to Prison Planet internal documents indicate OKC was an inside job. has additional information and does a good job of linking all important persons and components of the day. Most importantly, I like that all victims were honored on this website. But, I have severe distrust in the government when so many inconsistancies exist when these victims are later honored by some of the same top officials who may have are bear minimum not taken or enabled this event to occur.

Michael Graverro also has a different outlook on these day's events from the offical story in his website for April 19th, 1995 data concerning the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Murder In The Heartland (1995) part1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Part8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif. is calling for a new investigation in this article from World Net Daily, March 31, 2006.

What will happen in the future? Can we trust the government should an event occur? Especially if it is alleged to be connected to a milita group. Remember according to the pdf document of the Department of Homeland Security, according an article on World Net Daily on April 12, 2009 details that disgruntled veterans along with "right wing" extremists as the tops threats. This are Americans who might have militia connections should an event be propelled these individuals will be seen as the most dangerous people in the country. So much for the smooth welcome home!. Veterans despite the way our government has consistently treated them are heroes. Our governmental leadership toward US troops commits treason on a regular basis.

Check out these films that document the mistreatment of the military and the American public:

Beyond Treason

Gary Null Gulf War Syndrome: A Deadly Legacy-Chp 1 (1of3)
Chp 1 (2of 3) Chp1 ( 3 of 3)
Chp 2 (1 of 3) Chp 2 (2 of 3) Chp 2 (3 of 3)

Fatal Fallout (Trailer)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Will the next major event thrust upon our world be like the event in Oklahoma in 1995 or even worse like 2001? 911 Mysteries

Plans are in effect and the World Health Organization has declared a Level 6 emergency which can enforce martial law in response to the swine/h1n1/mystery possible maufactured flu. Check out this (#1) that #2) that (#3) and that (#4) interview with Wayne Madsen on the Alex Jones Info Wars show about the possible aspects and origins of this new flu.

Pentagon on 4-06-09 is requesting from The Nation an additional 400,000 troops overseas to enter into the Afganistan/Pakistan War to "execute the Petraus playbook". The horrible thing about this is the Pentagon is at the same time wanting to post 400,000 troops domestically in The Progressive on 8-12-09. This is not feasible. Troops will not be hired Americans. Not to delve into the fact this against the 1887 Posse Commatatus law, where no soldier will be engaged domestically in peacetime. I am flat out mad, I would say I am worried be I am so angry with these events. We have to know what the collectively consciousness of the government has shown itself to be. Now is the time. The economy is weak and the numbers are falling.

With the projected recession/depression projected to see another over 4 million homes foreclosed this year (2.7 million was reported for 2008 8-17-09), according to Robert Chapman of The International Forecaster is going to be not just bad, but, deadly I fear. We can end it all if we just protest. Where is the Vietnam rallying cry (especially as we just celebrated the 40th anniversary of Woodstock)? Are we so dumb-bed down as a populace that we can't even stand up now and stop the bankers and corrupt governmental leaders empowering while we have a chance to let the criminal actions continue to take place in Washington?! They have already taken more than 23.7 trillion from taxpayers since October, 2008
(ABC news, Ny Times , Huffington Post) Lew Rockwell claims there are "23.7 Trillion Reasons To Buy Gold".

The Dubious Monetization of the Fed by Robert Chapman (August 15, 2009).

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