Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Left or Right Approach (Update 10-6-09)

As long as any point of dialogue or stance is made into a left and right issue the answer is always wrong. The only issues of a given data point are whether not it promotes liberty or tyranny? That is what the U.S. or America's founders wanted. Don't fall into the trap. Rise above it. Then, we can arrest the bankers and prosecute politicians that are tied to past or ongoing war crimes. Stand up before the economy falls flat on all of us.

Joy Behar Show: Janeane Garofalo On Racism Against Obama

Skull and Bones in 2004 John Kerry and George W. Bush

It's All In The Family

Alex Jones on How The Elite Control Politics

Martial Law Rise of the Police State

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (This Part details the John Kerry and George W. Bush are cousins and they were in Skull & Bones, with only 15 members at Yale each year)

More details on the active process of the political parties that dominate the USA.

The Obama Deception (March 2009)

Aaron Russo's perspective in "Reflections and Warnings"

Historical perspective

Rodderick T. Long (Auburn University) on Murray N. Rothbard's "Left and Right" 40 Years Later at the 2006 Austrian Scholars Conference (poor video quality, however the content is of high quality)

Left or Right? First think for yourself. Demand action from your representatives. They are guaranteed 80% pension after serving one term in the House of Representatives. A senator needs upwards of 20,000 each day to run for office. Are they really of the people? Yet we can alert the masses and remove officials when they are not following out their promises. Ask Donna Edwards who replaced Albert Wynn on her strong liberal and anti-war platform. She is a true leader MD can be proud. Senator Ben Cardin has pledged his support in Auditing the Fed Bill that has entered the Senate Bill 604 with 30 Co-sponsors. Following Ron Paul's lead we need to reform the money system and without economic calamity. Dr. Paul now has 297 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives Bill 1207. The Elite or Powerful World Economic & Political Leaders will hedge bets and protect their money whatever the currency in the United States. However when the dollar catches up with it's inflation for the rate money is continually being printed we will have to deal with large and high amounts of inflation. From End The Fed almost no inflation existed in the US till 1913. Now, a dollar is worth $ .04. That is a result of the lack backing for the amount of printed money.

Inflation calculator

1915 vs. April 23, 2007

The 3 cent dollar!
Why $2,000/oz. gold is logical
By David Bradshaw, Editor RMP
Apr 23, 2007


See Ron Paul on C-Span on his new book End The Fed.


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