Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Next Terror Attack? (in progress)

Significant Developments in Terror Threats Since 9/11, Officials SayNapolitano, Mueller, Leiter Discuss Increased Tempo of Attacks Against U.S.
126 comments JASON RYAN and PIERRE THOMASSept. 22, 2010
Dubel comment: Watch this interview that states "an attack is likely" and then the subsequent interview to know is there is a steady message conveyed. Clark even talks about Osama bin Laden. "We have to anticipate there will be an attack and think about what are reaction will be. ... An attack like the 7-7 bombing could happen on our subway system". This was shown as an inside job. The Ripple Effect 7/7/2005 London Bombings
President Obama shares his comments on 9-11 in the next video from the ABC site. We are to mark 9-11 as a national day of service yet over 900 emergency workers had died since 9-11 that were told the air was safe to breathe. What if you know that the official "conspiracy" story (yes even box cutter men are a conspiracy theory scenario) is not accurate? It first requires independant analysis and time. Share any comments.

Jeff Dubel Correction: Current FBI Director Robert Mueller states "an attack is likely". Former Secretary Richard Clark says, "an attack like the the 7-7 bombing could take place on any one of the American subway systems." ..." and the documentary points to the bombings as an inside job that conclusion is not final and no official verdict has been given.
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