Monday, January 3, 2011

Catherine Austin Fitts on The Power Hour May 03, 2010

Catherine Austine Fitts
Guest on The Power Hour May 03, 2010:

MAY 3, 2010
FITTS, CATHERINE AUSTIN - Highly credentialed investment banker and financial advisor who assesses the latest national and international financial fallout and explains why the ‘National Debt’ should matter to each individual American. Most importantly, “Shunning the Banksters” by empowering individuals to exercise choice by leveraging their own personal purchasing power “to impact where money goes, and what it does, and improve the behavior of institutions”. Today you will be made aware of the critical importance to SHIFT YOUR MONEY.
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Companion Video: “Shunning the Banksters”
Shunning the Banksters - Catherine Austin Fitts on Economics 101

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